Friday, April 27, 2012

UFO Finished!

This spring has really been different for me.  Unexpectedly, I took a break from teaching!  I have taught crazy quilting from my home for 15 years and I am used to 4- 6 wonderful ladies coming over to take classes from me every week.  I have used the time off to work on a project that has become near and dear to my heart and I am very excited about.  When I am not working on that, I am finishing up UFO's.  It has been a wonderful feeling to finish some of the projects around here.  My heart feels freer and lighter just getting them done.  The daffodil block above is a class I taught about 3 years ago.  My two youngest children were still small at the time, so it was all I could do to get the projects ready for a class.  Totally finishing them with the back, binding etc...was impossible!  I just love the spring feel to this block!

I am also piecing some blocks for the next MCC sale.  I forgot to take a picture of the first block I passed out.  It was a basic black on black block with nothing on it yet.  I pieced the second block today.  The silk ribbon embroidery in the middle was a class I taught last year and I just decided that I would put it in this block for MCC. 

Well I better get back to finishing UFO's!

Talk to you later,

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