Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pink Crazy Quilt Block #4

The other day I realized that I had promised to show you all 12 blocks of my Pink Crazy Quilt. I counted and I have only you shown you pictures of 3 of the blocks. Well here is a shot of block #4.

I also wanted to update you on the MCC Calendar blocks that we are working on. For January we are doing a Snowflake block. I just love the way it is turning out!

When Candace Kling was here last year, she taught us how to do these beautiful silk ribbon corsages. I just love making them and every time I get a new color of ribbon in, I make myself one! I thought these colors would be pretty for fall and winter. The one on the left is Terrazzo and the other one is called Hot Flash. They are both available on my website if you want to make yourself one for fall!

Talk to you later,

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Beaded Block Class!

A little over a year ago, I offered a online beaded block class. It is a class that I had offered here at my shop, and it was so popular that I ended up doing a 4 block series! I am offering the 2nd block of the series as another online class. For more info on the class you may click on the link to my website on the right hand side bar. It is listed in the catalog under Online Beaded Block class.

If you didn't take the 1st beaded block class and are interested in that it is still available also!

Talk to you later,


Friday, September 2, 2011

The Month of August

Sorry you haven't heard from me during the whole month of August. On August 1st my sweet dog unexpectedly died. She was 5 years old and I took it harder than you would think. It kind of surprised me. I do love dogs, but I just didn't realize how much I cared for my dog. I was advised by several people to get a new dog right away. This is her pictured above. Her name is Daisy and in the Secret Language of Flowers, her name means innocence. Let me tell you, she is sweet but really innocence is not always the case. My daughter in law was laughing at how much this dog is like me. We turned our backs for a moment and yes, she was chewing on a piece of silk ribbon!

We had some lace sitting were she could reach it and yes she did indeed find it! What are the odds of finding a dog that loves silk ribbon and lace as much as I do? Ha!

Here she is outside, and she is ready to go and play!

Okay, now back to crazy quilting which is probably the real reason that you visited my blog! This is a cute pansy mini hussif that I have recently listed on my website. It may be small, but inside it has three pockets, a place for scissors and beading thread.

About a year ago I started an online beaded block class. This was originally a class that I taught here at my shop and it ended up being a four block series. Starting September 6, I will be teaching block #2 in the series. If you are interested in this class, you can click on my website link on the right hand side. It is listed in the catalog under Online Beaded Block Class.

Talk to you later,