Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Pink Bunny Goes on an Adventure

Here is a picture of an embroidered monogram that I did for a class awhile back. It is in the center of a larger crazy quilt piece. I'll try to post the whole square next time!

Now for news on my great adventure! Carole Samples was to go to Maine in July to teach for the Pine Tree Quilt Guild. Due to health reasons she is unable to go. She graciously asked them if I could come and teach her classes. After a few phone calls they decided to let me come! At the end of July I will be going to Maine to teach her classes! Thank you Miss Carole and the Pine Tree Quilt Guild for giving me this opportunity! Also, thank you to Betty Pillsbury for the wonderful recommendation you gave me!

The bottom picture is the sixth square I have pieced for the 2010 MCC Crazy Quilt which will be a Valentine Theme quilt.

Friday, May 8, 2009

New MCC Blocks for 2010

I am back with new squares for the 2010 MCC Quilt we are making. This year we a going to make a Valentine Theme Crazy Quilt. This quilt is inspired by Miss Carole Samples herself! The quilt for 2009 was auctioned off on April 18 and it sold for $1,700. A member of our round robin group that helped make the quilt purchased it. We know that it is at a home where it will be taken care of and treasured! The new square are pictured here. The burgundy reds kind of scan dark, they really are a pretty burgundy.