Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Invisible Thread

Recently I decided to try piecing with clear monofilament thread just to see what it was like.  At first it was NO FUN at all!  But I didn't give up and I came up with some solutions to all of the problems I was having.  I thought I would share my tips with you so that you could give it a try.  First problem, I was using the wrong needle in my machine, so I changed to a #90 top stitch needle.  I had my tension wrong, so I moved my tension to 2.

After I made those two changes I was still having limited success.  Today I knew that I had alot of sewing to do with the clear thread, so I had to fix the final problem.  The thread keep winding on the spool holder and then it would break.  So......

...I took a glass and put my spool of thread in it.  My thought was that at least it wouldn't wrap around the spool holder.  I put it on top of my machine and started sewing but the placement was wrong. 

Then I put the glass behind my machine, lining it up behind where the spool holder is.

Here is a side view....

And wouldn't you know it...it WORKED!  I was so excited, I could happily sew away with really no problems at all.  Well I better go finish all that sewing that I have to do....

Talk to you later!


  1. Thanks for the tips! That thread is tricky to get used to for sure. But once you get the hang of it, lots of possibilities open up!

  2. Wonderful to figure out the problem. I only used that thread once and I put it on the rack behind my machine and it worked. It does open lots of creativity doors. Have fun.