Sunday, March 28, 2010

So Very Thankful and a bit of Eye Candy

So sorry I haven't posted for awhile. This week I had a bit of a scare. I don't usually share alot of personal stuff, but here I go. I was talking on the phone to a friend and I saw a bright flash of light in my eye. I didn't really think too much about it. It happened again a couple of days later when I was shoe shopping and I still didn't think too much about it. About a week later, I kept seeing floaters in my eye and I was due for an eye exam anyway, so away I went.

So I tell my eye doctor that I am seeing floaters. He quietly says, "Did you see a flash of light?", "Yes". He then explains to me what might have happened. For those of you who don't know me really well, I am truly a science geek inside even though I am a crazy quilt teacher! I have a degree in both biology and chemistry and I am 100% understanding what he is saying to me including the part about maybe going blind in that eye. There were two possible places in my eye that I might have torn. One place, no big deal but floaters for the rest of your life. The other place, the retinal wall requires surgery to keep your sight. Whoa! I also have a weak stomach and when he said that, I had a total panic attack! I went home and prayed about it...then I went back the next day to get my eyes dilated to see what exactly had happened to my eye. I am happy to report that the news was even better than expected and I had torn nothing! I am very, very thankful for that! God was good to me beyond my expectations! Thank you to my dear friends and husband who prayed for me!

Now, for some more fun things! The final posting of pictures of the MCC Crazy Quilt. We decided to name it a Victorian Valentine Crazy Quilt. The pictures I am posting are of the large center square that measured 20 x 30. I was so, so disappointed. I took pictures of the quilt as we inside tied it, and I was going to do a small tutorial on how to do that. I went to download the pictures from that day and they simply are not on the memory card. Not real sure what happened. If you look back on my blog, about two years ago, I have a tutorial when we inside tied the first MCC Crazy Quilt we donated.

Talk to you later,

Friday, March 5, 2010

MCC Squares 12 through 14

Here are the final three squares that surround the large 20 x 30 center of our MCC Valentine Crazy Quilt. We sewed some of the sashing around the center last Wednesday and will finish up next week. On March 17, we are scheduled with my quilting group to inside tie the quilt. I'll take pictures as we do it! I a few days, I'll post what the large center section looks like. It is really beautiful and I will be anxious to see who buys this quilt at the MCC auction in Hutchinson in April. Since MCC is usually one of the first organizations to appear at natural disasters, I am always happy to donate to them. I have been toying with naming the quilt Hearts of Haiti, but I haven't talked to the other members of our group to see what they think.

Thank you to all of the ladies who have helped with this quilt, they did a large majority of this quilt and spent many hours of dedicated work. They are all very talented and I feel very honored to know all of them. Many thanks to Miss Carole Samples for her inspiration and ideas for this crazy quilt also.