Saturday, June 30, 2012

Candace Kling...what a Joy!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile!  I have been very caught up in a project and it keeps me busy but I have enjoyed it so much.  The next teacher that I am featuring for the retreat is Candace Kling.  This will be the third time that Candace will be coming to Wichita and she is such a joy!  She is truly a gifted ribbon artist as well as a very gifted teacher!  The first class she will be teaching is Fabric Flowers, it is a fantastic class where you learn to make flowers out of.....fabrics, of course!(Pictured above)

For the next two days she will be teaching Ribbon Cockades.  I can hardly wait for this one, it looks so interesting and was one of the first classes I signed up for.  In this class she teaches you how to use grosgrain ribbons to create beautiful French hat decorations or Cockades.

Her last class for the retreat is a brand new one that she has developed called Ribbon Work in Miniature.  This class has sold out, but I did want to show you the beautiful picture of the class samples she made up.

If you are interested in any of Candace's class, just email me and I'll get you enrolled!

Talk to you later,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Allie Aller is coming back to Wichita!

The Victorian Stitchery Retreat is a crazy quilt retreat that I host every year here in Wichita, Kansas.  This will be the 7th year that I have hosted the retreat and I just can't believe I have done that many of them!  This year the teachers for the retreat are Allie Aller, Judith Baker Montano and Candace Kling.  All of them are such a joy and top notch teachers.  The dates for this year's retreat are November 7-10, really not too far away but there is still time to plan if you would like to attend!  This week I would like to feature the classes that they will be teaching this year.

First up is Allie Aller! She recently came out with a new and fantastic crazy quilt book and if you don't own one you need to.  It is packed full of all kinds of new and innovative techniques that you can learn.  She is the queen of curved crazy quilt piecing and really knows how to use color in her quilts.  This year she will be teaching four classes....

Frame it with Flowers...I just love this sweet picture of her cat!  In this class she will be teaching some beautiful three dimensional floral work.  She will be using Angelina fibers, wired ribbon, silk ribbon plus there will be some beadwork mixed in there.

Herringbone is my favorite color, so of course I like this one!  This class will be covering her freezer paper curved crazy quilting that she is known for.  Just love it!

 Wee sweet and simple!  She will be teaching crazy quilt seam treatments using waste canvas, a method developed by Pam Kellogg.

Last but certainly not least, she will be teaching a Punch Needle Flower Pin.  This is a 1/2 day class and what a beautiful flower you will have created in that short of time!

If you are interested in any of these classes, you may contact me at  Stayed tuned for the the class listings for Judith and Candace over the next several days.

Talk to you later,

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Daisy Loom

Today it is stormy so there are no swimming or biking distractions for me!  I decided to play with a little toy I bought over a year ago!  For several years, one of the members of our MCC crazy quilt group has been putting cute little flowers like the one pictured above on our crazy quilts.  She told us what she used but I had never been able to find one.  About a year ago I went to an estate sale on the last day when everything was 75% off and voila........

I found one for a quarter!  The flower pictured above is my first attempt with some new 1/8" Mokuba ribbon that I got.  I am rather pleased with my first attempt!!

Talk to you later,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another UFO Finished!

I finished another UFO!  It feels so good to see my UFO pile get smaller and smaller.  This is a Snowflake block that I taught as a class about a year ago.  I just love to do blocks on point with a fan at the bottom...if you can't tell...Ha!  I keep working on UFO's so I'll keep you posted.

Summer is my favorite time of year, there are ALOT of outdoor activities that keep me from crazy quilting.

Here are two of the things that distract me:  my children are out of school and we all love to swim!  We put in a pool 5 years ago and it is the best thing we ever did!  By the end of summer my kid's are so fit from swimming all the time.

Here is my latest distraction!  I wanted to buy a bicycle last summer, but I ended up buying an iPad instead.  I don't regret that as I just love my iPad!  But this summer I was finally able to buy my PINK bicycle.  No surprise on the color at all I'm sure.  I just love riding this thing.  The grocery store is riding distance from my house as well as Hancock's Fabrics and Hobby Lobby.  We also have a park with riding paths across the street from my house.  If you place an order with me on my website...I could very well be riding my bike to mail your order!  I still need to get a basket on the front so Daisy(my sweet poodle) can ride with me!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer also and I'll talk to you later!