Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Dresses

When I first started teaching classes, I taught all kinds of needlework.  I would try to have a variety of classes: tatting, smocking, crazy quilting.  I just loved making little smocked dresses!  This was when I was still having children and I had hopes of having a girl.  But I have 4 boys!  The dress pictured above is made of silk dupioni, it was so fun to make!

This is the first little dress I made.  It is made out of a sweet pink batiste fabric.

I just loved doing the shadow embroidery on the hem.

This is a sweet dress that I made in a bigger size just because I loved the pink tulip fabric.  This Easter weekend just reminded me of the sweet smocked dresses I used to make.  I'll just save them and maybe I'll have a granddaughter someday!

Talk to you later,

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