Thursday, December 12, 2013

{Crazy} Quilt Wreath

Several years ago(I mean several!) I taught a silk ribbon class where we made a silk ribbon wreath for Christmas.  I hand dyed all the ribbons for them and we had a great time!

I then started to finish my silk ribbon wreath....and well, like some projects, it ended up in a drawer.  I found this little beauty the other day when I was getting all of my crazy quilt Christmas decorations out.  I realized why it ended up in a drawer.  It just wasn't very eye catching, it did nothing for me!  So, I decided to do something about that!
{Crazy} Quilt Christmas Wreath, Valerie Bothell, 2013

After working some crazy quilt magic this project makes this crazy quilter's heart sing!

Talk to you later,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Wonderful Old Crazy Quilt

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked Dixie and I if we would help her do something with her great grandmother's crazy quilt.  We were happy to help and the reward was some really great eyecandy!  I just love the daisy's pictured above....

This looked like a waterlily to me...the chenille thread was just beautiful!

 A beautiful ribbonwork flower with chenille thread leaves.

And another one...

Sweet little embroidered bouquets....

A horseshoe embroidered with chenille...

I really loved this crane, but look at the condition of the silk....

Some really great embroidered initials!

And another sweet bouquet..

Love this chenille embroidered moon!

This crazy quilt had some really great embroidery on it, but the reality was that all of the silk on it was in very bad shape.  For about 3 years she had been thinking about cutting out some great pieces from the quilt and having them framed for her daughter's.  We cut out two spots and I can hardly wait to see how they look framed.  It was a little nerve racking to cut up such a special quilt but really we all felt it was the best way to preserve what was left of this treasure.

Talk to you later,