Monday, October 29, 2012

Lovely LaVeta!

Last weekend my family and I traveled to LaVeta, Colorado and we had the best time!  My youngest boys are finally getting old enough that it is much easier to travel with them.   Here is a shot of the room we stayed in...yes it was a bit rustic.

This really made me laugh!  It was taped to the back door of our room.....

But the views around us were just beautiful!

Love this shot....

The was the  road running to the side of our room.

LaVeta have deer that live in town.  They are like pets and are very tame, they are so sweet!

This buck was just relaxing by the Catholic church...

I took a quick tour of the town and here is the La Veta School of the Arts.

Here is a shot of the La Veta Quilt shop.....this building has so much character.

Here is Ricky Tims Art Quilt Retreat Center...

I loved this window in a shop in LaVeta.....actually the building is vacant right now and it would be so tempting to move my Pink Bunny Shop to LaVeta!

And of course, I had to visit my dear friend Judith Baker Montano!

All in all my family had a wonderful but quick visit.  You never know we may go back next summer!

Talk to you later,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Toffe Chip Thins and other Stuff

Here are the next cookies I tried in my Taste of Home Baking book.  They are called Toffee Chip Thins and they were really, really good!  I am really going to watch my waistline(grow) if I keep eating these cookies!  My husband kept telling the kids that they tasted terrible hoping they wouldn't eat any of them.

This weekend I went on a wonderful getaway!  Here is a sneak peek of the photo's I took along the way!

I took these photo's while we were driving in the car, but I didn't think they turned out too bad.

Maybe you can guess where I was headed too?

Here is a lovely photo of the class that Judith Baker Montano is teaching at the last Victorian Stitchery Retreat I am hosting...I can tell you that this photo is  beautiful but in person this project is unbelievable!
If you are interested in taking this class, there are still spots available and Judith has made up the most beautiful kits to make this project!

Talk to you later,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Something Different

Many of you may know that I am involved in a special project.  I am so excited about the project, but the downside is I can't blog about it!  I got to thinking....most crazy quilter's have to I will blog about something I decided to do this winter.  I have had the above cook book for quite sometime and have used a few recipes out of it.  I announced to my husband the other day that I was going to work my way through the cookbook, one recipe at a time and in order.  I got a big smile from him!  This is why he smiled so big, you see I am a gluten free girl....that means I don't bake all that often.

I have found a flour substitute that I just love and it works just like flour.  It is called Better Batter and it is just the best!  The picture above is of recipe #3 in the book, I think they are called Double Chocolate Crisps.  We have already made #1 and #2  recipes in the past so I moved on.  They are good but I have other cookies that I like better.  I am sure they will still get eaten around here!

Here is what I made tonight, Baked Oatmeal.  I have never made this before and have always wanted to.  My little boys didn't like it, but I LOVED it.  It tasted a little bit like bread pudding which I also like.

I took a picture of the recipe if you would like it.

Since you stuck around to the is a sneek peek of the special project!

Talk to you later,