Friday, April 30, 2010

Back from Omaha and the new MCC Crazy Quilt

Well, I am back from teaching in Omaha and I had a wonderful time! I really had to laugh because I gave a lecture there on Tuesday night at the hospital. They didn't have a cart to carry my stuff in, so we used wheelchairs! I don't know why, I just think that is funny! I have my bags hanging from the IV stand.

The next 6 pictures are of the first squares that we will be working on for the next MCC Crazy Quilt which will be all about pansies.

Talk to you later and have a good weekend!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

MCC Sale Hutchinson Kansas

Our Valentine Crazy Quilt for the MCC sale was sold last Saturday. Here is a picture of the quilt on display before it was auctioned off. It was hard to get a picture as people were crowding around it taking pictures and just looking at it! One person came from Tyler, Texas just to buy it! The MCC sale is always a fun day even if you aren't there to see a quilt get auctioned off. It is held at the Kansas State Fair grounds and there is plenty of food to buy. There are zweibach, pies, verenika, german sausage. You name it, it is there to buy and eat. We got there around 8:15 and the auction started at 8:45. Our quilt had a late number, so it didn't auction until around 2:30.

Here is a picture of the crowds right before our quilt auctioned. When they started, I think about 5 people immediately began bidding and within seconds, it was at $1,000! The quilt sold for $1750 and we were thrilled. Many of the quilts went for a much lower price than usual, probably due to the economy. We were also thrilled to meet the person who purchased the quilt. She is a crazy quilter and lives about 45 minutes away!

Here is a picture of our quilt as they auctioned it off. They put the quilt on a bed and rotate it around so everyone can see it. Stayed tuned as next week I will be starting next year's quilt which will have a pansy theme.

Oh, I will be teaching in Omaha, Nebraska next week. If you are interested and live close by, let me know, I think they have a couple of openings.

Talk to you later,