Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Looking Forward to Spring!

I am not a winter girl....I love summer.  I love it when I teach in Calilfornia in the winter time, because I get a brief break from cold temperatures.  Since I am dreaming of summer this week, I thought I would share some spring/summer loves that I found on the Nordstrom website.  What I love about Nordstrom's is the free shipping/free return policy they have!  This is especially nice for me because the closest one to me is in Kansas City, 3 hours away.

  Because I embroider for a living, it should be no surprise that I love this top.  It is part of a resort wear launch for a blogger I follow.  I have no doubt that this top will sell out quickly and it also comes in pink, white and black.  It is 60% cotton and for the summer months I prefer cotton.  You can find the top here.  You can find the entire collection here.


I love this pair of wedge sandals!  Last summer, I tried to find a pair of sandals like this that were 
comfortable, but never had any success.  I have high hopes that this pair will be a winner!  I have ordered them, so I'll keep you posted on what I think.  They come in 12 different colors, which is an added bonus!  You can find the sandals here.
 I have wanted a pair of tassel earrings for awhile and these might be the ones!  Pink is my favorite color but they come in 5 other colors.  You can find the earrings here.

I also love colors in the lilac/purple color family and I thought theses jeans were really cute for spring!  They would coordinate will many things and could almost be used as a neutral.  I may have to order these and show you how to style them since they are so cute!  You can find the jeans here.

I hope you are looking forward to spring as much as I am and maybe you will be inspired by some of my choices.  Have a great week and I'll be back next Tuesday!

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