Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Great Cardigan!

Last week I featured a few sweaters that you could use to transition into spring and I ordered them to see what I thought.  I had on my eye on the cream cardigan that I am featuring today for quite some time and kept waiting for it to go and sale and it just hasn't!  I have to say, I just love it and it goes with everything.

This cardigan is the perfect cream color and has a some texturet to make it interesting.  So I put together a few outfit ideas so you could see how versatile it is.

I paired it with some blue jeans, black booties, a plaid scarf, white tee and my new favorite earrings I got for Christmas.  The sweater is available here, and a similar scarf can be found here.
The earrings can be found here.

I switched out the black booties for a pair of Uggs and it looks so cozy!

I switched the blue jeans, for a pair of olive green jeans and it is still looking good!

Next, I used a pair of black corduroys to make it dressy and added a taupe pair of booties.

I traded the white tee for a blue and white striped shirt like it is pictured on the Nordstrom website and it is still a winner!

I switched to the olive green jeans for a different look.

I then I tried it with a pair of blue jeans.  I just love all of the looks I created with this sweater and I am sure there are a hundred other ways to style it!

Have a great day and I'll be back next week!

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