Monday, December 29, 2014

My Christmas Dream

 Many of you that read my blog may remember this crazy quilt that I did for my book, Quilting...Just a Little Bit Crazy.  It is one of my favorites because it is hard core crazy quilting, and when I am in the mood for that...this is the pattern for me!  For those of you that are new to my blog, you can go here to read about that quilt.

Last Christmas, I decided it was time to pull the pattern out and revisit it in a new way.  I knew I wanted to do a Christmas wall hanging featuring one of my favorite pictures of my 4 boys.  The picture is about 8 years old, but it is still my favorite!

 So, I started in with my piecing and embellishing, and then I got distracted because Christmas was over and I just wasn't in the mood for it anymore.

So, this Christmas, I decided that was going to finish it before the end of the year!

I just love doing silk ribbon embroidery, so it is all over this quilt!

My Christmas Dream, by Valerie Bothell, 2014

I ended up doing a fold over binding in velvet to finish the edges and did a feather stitch in gold thread all the way around it.   I think you can click on the image to enlarge it to see the detail on the edge.  I decided to not add a fancy border because I didn't want anything to distract from my favorite part of the quilt, the picture of my 4 boys.  This is a wall hanging I will always treasure......

I have started a new group on Facebook that I would love for you to join!  I hope you will join the fun that I have planned starting January 5.  For more info,  click here for a link to the group.

Talk to you later,


  1. Absolutely beautiful! You have such a way with colors, textures and design. Keep creating and teaching/writing.

  2. What a lovely hanging. I am sure that you will always cherish it.