Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quilt Market

I have been back from Quilt Market in Houston for over a week now and it has taken me that much time to come down from all of the fun that I had there!  The photo above I made from the new threads by Weeks Dye Works.  I stood in their booth and was silently freaking out at the beauty of them.  They are a #12 pearl cotton and are just beautiful!  Anyway, on with a report of the fun that I had!

Here I am in the hotel with my co-author, Allie Aller!  We had not seen each other in over 2 years so it was a great reunion...

On Friday night, I helped the owner of River Silks with sample spree.  Oh my, people line up for hours to get into this event!  Just look at all the silk ribbon waiting to be sold....

Saturday morning bright and early, I was at the Valdani thread booth to do a demo with all of their gorgeous threads.  They have some new silk thread that I can hardly wait to get my hands on!  What a nice group of people to meet...

Saturday afternoon, both Allie and I went to a book signing for Michele Muska's new book.  You can read about her book in the last post I did.  I was alot of fun to meet all the other people who contributed to her book.

I then ran over to the Moda/United Notions booth to do a demo for them.

I made this sample with the fabrics they sent me from the American Jane collection of 1930's fabrics.  I just love them, of course I am always a sucker for reproduction fabrics!

I really did have fun at that demo!

Sunday morning, Allie and I headed to the C & T Publishing booth for our book signing.  It was really fun to meet people who were just as excited about crazy quilting as we were.

The next set of photos were of quilts on display.  I was only able to see about half of the show because of everything I was doing at Market, but I loved so many of the quilts on display.

This quilt used yo-yo's for the sashing...so unique and interesting...

Just beautiful!

I  loved the colors in this one.

Are you noticing a theme?  If it had pink in it, apparently I liked it!

 Love this one and it was made out of all silk!

 So proud of my co-author....with her crazy quilt on display...

This one was made out of all buttons, so of course the crazy quilter in me loved it!  

The Hanah silk booth, I really have no words for the beauty there.  I think spent a few dollars there...maybe...

What a fun weekend I had, with my room mates Allie and her friend, Tracey Brookshier!

Last minute, I stopped by the booth where Victoria Findlay Wolfe was doing a demo.  I just loved this pillow she made using her new double wedding ring die cutters.

Anyway, I had a great time and if you have never been to Festival...go!

Talk to you later,

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  1. Treasured memories, never to be forgotten...a certain white dinner comes to mind! Love you Val.