Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Year of Finishing

Well it appears that I have abandoned my blog for over 5 months, how is that possible?  Not that I am making excuses, but I thought I would show what I have been doing.  It has been a wonderful year and I have been so grateful for all that I have been allowed to do.  In March our quilting group finished the quilt pictured above, and donated it to the MCC Sale in Hutchinson, Kansas.  It sold for around $1500 and we were very pleased with that.


In April, my dear friends Vonda and Dixie helped me tie my Valentine Crazy Quilt together so I could get it bound and finished.

In March, Allie Aller and I finished our manuscript for our book that is coming out next Spring.  That felt really good!


 In May, I finished my Secret Language of Flowers fabric book that I had been working on for several years.  I am really pleased with how it turned out!

In September, our quilting group finished the quilt top for the next MCC sale and started quilting on it.

And last night, Dixie, myself, Shawna Klein and Laura Warwick hosted a dinner for 350 that we have been working on for months.  We had a wonderful time and I was encouraged by our speaker, Kelly Stamps. She has a very popular blog that has 30,000 to 40,000 readers a day!  I can't even imagine....

I'll tease you a bit by telling you I have three other finishes, but you'll have to wait awhile to see them. ;-)

Talk to you soon and I will try to blog more often!  I tend to post more on Facebook if you want to join me over there that would be great!

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