Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Little Fall Project

Years ago I made this little fall project.  I think all I did was crazy quilt a round piece large enough to fit over the edges of the jar, embellish and voila!

I love to do bullion embroidery so it is a given that it will be on just about every project I make...

Here is another finished project that I did last spring.  I donated it to the Quilt Alliance and I think it will be auctioned off on ebay sometime in November.  The Quilt Alliance is a great place to get all kinds of info on quilt history.  Here is a link to their site:  
It was so much fun to crazy quilt with cottons and denim, of all things denim!

Talk to you later,

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  1. Your quilt is front and center in the Alliance's booth in Houston this week. I love seeing it there!