Monday, October 8, 2012

Something Different

Many of you may know that I am involved in a special project.  I am so excited about the project, but the downside is I can't blog about it!  I got to thinking....most crazy quilter's have to I will blog about something I decided to do this winter.  I have had the above cook book for quite sometime and have used a few recipes out of it.  I announced to my husband the other day that I was going to work my way through the cookbook, one recipe at a time and in order.  I got a big smile from him!  This is why he smiled so big, you see I am a gluten free girl....that means I don't bake all that often.

I have found a flour substitute that I just love and it works just like flour.  It is called Better Batter and it is just the best!  The picture above is of recipe #3 in the book, I think they are called Double Chocolate Crisps.  We have already made #1 and #2  recipes in the past so I moved on.  They are good but I have other cookies that I like better.  I am sure they will still get eaten around here!

Here is what I made tonight, Baked Oatmeal.  I have never made this before and have always wanted to.  My little boys didn't like it, but I LOVED it.  It tasted a little bit like bread pudding which I also like.

I took a picture of the recipe if you would like it.

Since you stuck around to the is a sneek peek of the special project!

Talk to you later,

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