Monday, October 29, 2012

Lovely LaVeta!

Last weekend my family and I traveled to LaVeta, Colorado and we had the best time!  My youngest boys are finally getting old enough that it is much easier to travel with them.   Here is a shot of the room we stayed in...yes it was a bit rustic.

This really made me laugh!  It was taped to the back door of our room.....

But the views around us were just beautiful!

Love this shot....

The was the  road running to the side of our room.

LaVeta have deer that live in town.  They are like pets and are very tame, they are so sweet!

This buck was just relaxing by the Catholic church...

I took a quick tour of the town and here is the La Veta School of the Arts.

Here is a shot of the La Veta Quilt shop.....this building has so much character.

Here is Ricky Tims Art Quilt Retreat Center...

I loved this window in a shop in LaVeta.....actually the building is vacant right now and it would be so tempting to move my Pink Bunny Shop to LaVeta!

And of course, I had to visit my dear friend Judith Baker Montano!

All in all my family had a wonderful but quick visit.  You never know we may go back next summer!

Talk to you later,

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