Thursday, December 29, 2011

Project Updates

I wanted to do this post yesterday but our internet was not working!  I think with everyone home this week, they  are all on the internet.  I wanted to update you on the MCC blocks we are working on and also show you what I have been doing on my crazy quilt bedspread.  Pictured above is what I have added to the December block that we are giving to MCC.

This is the September square after Dixie worked on it.  Yesterday we traded squares and hope to finish them in the next couple of weeks.

I finished the center section of my crazy quilt bedspread and above is a shot of the 18 squares.  Pictured below is what they look like on my bed.

I am going to piece this crazy quilt to a micro fleece blanket like Allie Aller did with her crazy quilt bedspread.  I had a hard time finding one that is big enough to make into a bedspread that will hang over the edges as long as I wanted them.  I finally found one at TJ Maxx to my surprise.  I don't usually shop there but just happened to think of it and was very glad I did!

I decided to start at the center top and work my way down with this quilt.  Because I was sewing the squares directly to the micro fleece I felt I should pin a lot.  I am so glad I did!  I sewed around three of the sides and left the top open for ease.
 It is a little tricky to put a 90 by 107 micro fleece blanket through my machine but where there's a will there's a way!

I then pinned the next square on the right and sewed them together.  I didn't take a picture but then I sewed the square on the left on.  I then pressed them out well.

Since I wasn't able to piece the next row the same way, I sewed three of them together and then pinned them to the bottom of the previous row.  I repeated that until I had attached all six rows of squares to the micro fleece.

As you can see, I had a helper the whole time!  If the internet is working tomorrow, I'll show you my progress.   I am really pleased with what I have so far. 

Talk to you later,

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  1. The bedspread is coming along great, Val! And your project with Dixie is too...looks like you are keeping busy with what you love.
    Happy New Year!