Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tree Tutorial

This is a Christmas tree tutorial but it is also a MCC update. I am working on the final block for the MCC sale which is a block for the month of December. I originally was going to embroider my tree on the gold fabric but liked the contrast of the green on the burgundy fabric better.

First you need to make an outline of your Christmas tree with a marking pen of your choice. Mine is kind of faint but I wanted it to rub off easily when I was done.

Then you will embroider the point of your Christmas tree with a feather stitch like pictured above. I then go along and mark some of the places that I want to put my branches just as a general outline.

Then start doing your feather stitch to the center of your Christmas tree. I usually go down all on one side and start at the top on the other side.

Here is what your tree will look like after the first round.

Now you will want to go back and fill the blank areas. You may even vary the lengths of your branches to make the tree look more realistic.

I then go in and decorate my tree, that is always the fun part! I hope you will enjoy making a Christmas tree on your favorite holiday project.


  1. This is so clever... I was looking for an idea to make as a motif for a friend who is doing a Christmas tree skirt as her CQ challenge for next year... She's doing it in pinks and silver and I can adapt this..... Gerry Krueger

  2. I linked to this on Facebook. Hope that is alright!

  3. Very good idea! Thanks for sharing!