Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Back!

For the first time ever, I took time off in May and didn't teach any classes. I had a personal list of things that I was going to do. Surprise, I didn't do one thing on the list! I am going to show you all of the things I did and they were all worthwhile and needed doing! First up is pictured above. This is my best friends' daughter Cheyenne. Isn't she beautiful? She had a little fashion emergency that I helped her with! A week or so before her graduation party, she decided that she wanted to wear a Roman toga costume (she is a drama girl!) as her graduation dress. Well, the dress just really needed a little work (Ha!) to be made into a graduation dress. What I ended up doing was overlaying the entire costume with eyelet lace. Most of it had to be done by hand because the dress was already made. It was so worth it, she looked so cute at her party!

Next up, Dixie had signed up to sell her silk flower corsages at a craft fair and they never got back with her as to whether she would be in it or not. Two days before they let her know! I quick made a few flowers to supplement the ones she had on hand!

We opened the pool and summer officially began! Never mind the pool is a bone chilling 65, kids don't care!

Our church hand quilts and you put your name on the list and wait your turn. Well my name had been on the list for 3 years and it came up! Of course the quilt that I wanted quilted wasn't done. It is in the frame and we began quilting it two weeks ago.

We celebrated my two oldest sons birthday's!

I had to report to jury duty! I was not a happy camper about it and one friend who is a lawyer recommended that I bring the book "Runaway Jury" with me to get out of it! Ha!

My oldest son was recently married, so myself and two of my friends started a rag quilt for them.

And then I did something for myself! I wanted to have a few sewing tips on how to put a zipper in garments so I took a skirt class.

But now I am back and I am ready to teach again. I am also ready to finish my CQ for 2012 crazy quilt, pictured above.

I am having an open house tomorrow so if you are interested in enrolling in a class, just stop by!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. Happy Pink Saturday pink bunny, love your post and I'm glad you enjoyed your time out! Your makeover on the dress is great, Hugs and Happy weekend! Marilou