Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poppy Power!

A year ago or so, a student of mine gave me some wonderful vintage poppy seeds. I planted them in a February snow like she told me to do. The first year they did ok, but this year they are out of this world! They are at least three feet tall and are beautiful!

Look at this one, it has the prettiest ruffles to it all with the same set of seeds!

I just love looking at these poppies and I wish they would bloom even longer than they do. I have a current on going block of the month called the Secret Language of Flowers. A couple of month's ago I choose to do a poppy. The meaning for poppies is consolation. I did a bit of google research to get a little more information on why that was. Consolation just seemed a little random to me.

We'll it is not random at all! There was a poem written during World War I called Flanders Fields. Apparently in the fields were there was a lot of blood shed poppies would grow. How appropriate, a bright red flower! Now all Commonwealth countries(Australia, Canada and United Kingdom) celebrate Remembrance day on November 11. On that day they wear Poppies! After I found all of that information consolation didn't seem all that random for the meaning of a poppy.

(Not I just changed my post! The meaning of poppies is not courage! I just looked at my square, it is consolation! I just changed it throughout my post.)

Talk to you later,

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