Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What I have been up to...

I have been busy and time gets away from me, then before you know it I haven't blogged in a week! As many of you know, we finished the MCC Pansy Crazy Quilt. I took some great photographs of the quilt with my new camera. I then used the pictures to make a calendar for 2012. I just love how the calendar turned out! Because we fund the cost of the MCC crazy quilt ourselves, all profits from this calendar will help to fund the next crazy quilt we have decided to do! You can go to this link to order a calendar...http://www.valeriebothell.com/catalog.php?view=productListPage&category=61

Last week was spring break around here and Dixie, her girls and I went to see this exhibit in Kansas City. It was a wonderful exhibit and I had the chance to see the wedding gown that Diana was married in! They had the most fantastic crown with literally hundreds of large diamonds all over it(also a guard standing right there!). I was disappointed that NO photographs were allowed but do understand! This exhibit is going back to England in June, so if you have the chance....I would go!

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