Tuesday, March 15, 2011


In Marsha Michler's book, Motifs for Crazy Quilting, she has a section entitled Rebus. A rebus is a sentence, phrase, or little poem put into pictures so it becomes a puzzle to the viewer. Pictured above is my first attempt at a rebus. This is my challenge to you.....what am I trying to say in my rebus? I will give you one clue...it is on my Valentine Quilt. Please leave me a comment with your guess and I'll send some hand dyed laces to the first one to get it right! Good Luck!

On a another topic....Japan. What happened in Japan is exactly why we make the MCC crazy quilt every year. MCC currently does not have a staff in Japan but they are taking donation's to give to organizations they work with and trust. If you would like to donate to MCC for the Japanese people, go to www.mcc.org and they have a donation button on their home page. You could also come to the MCC sale in Hutchinson, Kansas and buy our quilt!

Talk to you later,