Saturday, January 5, 2008

MCC Block Number 8

Well here is another completed square for the MCC crazy quilt we are making. I have 11 blocks turned in and ready to stitch together. We are doing 12 altogether, so we are really close! In the next week or so, I will start sewing the squares together. The ladies in my quilting group at church have agreed to help me tie the quilt. We are going to inside tie it and it is easier to do on the big frames at church. Enjoy the new eye candy and I will try to post the other 3 squares that I have that I haven't shown you. The deadline to turn this quilt into MCC is in March, so I am kinda of getting nervous about getting it done. It is hard to believe that we started this project 10 months ago. It has been wonderful working with other other 6 ladies in the round robin to make this quilt and their creativity and imagination on these squares is awesome. Their generousity in the things they stitched on this quilt on awesome too...Enjoy!


  1. Val, you've been tagged for the "You Make My Day" Award:) Rules are on my blog.

  2. What beautiful blocks have come in for this. I just love this fan, and the flowers in the corner. What is inside tying?

  3. Mmmmm, this is beautiful! The end result should be well worth the 10 months of work. Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Wow, those jewel-tone ribbon embellishments are really something! Very nice SRE. I, too am in the dark about "inside-tying". Clue us in, please?
    ~Lin Moon