Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How to Inside Tie a Crazy Quilt

A couple of days ago, I said that I would be taking the crazy quilt that we made for the MCC sale to our quilting group at church and they would help me inside tie it. Susan has asked me what that I will try to describe to you how to do it and if I remember, when we tie it next week I will take pictures.

To inside tie a quilt what I do first is pin my backing fabric to the floor(right side of fabric facing down)..the fabric should be cut to the size you want it to be. I make my backing fabric large enough to make a self bound quilt. When pinning the fabric to the floor measure both diagonally, vertically and horizontally to make sure everything is square. The reason I want to do the quilt at church for this quilt is they have large quilting frames that we can pin it to instead of the I'll get lots of help. Then I lay my crazy quilt on top of that right side up. Make sure the crazy quilt is centered or placed where you want it on your backing fabric. I then take very large safety pins and pin vertically down the exact middle of the quilt. I fold back one side lets say the right side...fold it back all the way to the safety pin. I take a needle threaded with strong thread(pearl cotton #5 or #8) and I take a very small stitch of both the backing fabric and the front...don't pull the thread all the way through. Tie a nice strong knot in the middle of the quilt between the two layers. Clip the ends of the threads to...maybe 1/2 inch. That's all there is to it work your way down vertically tying where it will be seen the least and as often as you feel is necessary. Fold your quilt top back out and pin down vertically over to the next spot that you want to tie. Keep doing this until you have worked to the outside edge and then start on the left side doing the same thing. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me and really I will try to post pictures of the process when we do it next week.

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  1. Okay! So you are tying your backing and your foundation, but not through the top, and that's why you have to do it from the inside. Gotcha!