Monday, May 10, 2021

It’s Been Awhile!

Hi there!

It’s been quite awhile since I checked in here.  I have been busy with a project or two that has kept me busy!  All my deadlines have been met and I have some time to spend doing other things.  I love to take short drives places and see the sights in our great state of Kansas.  You may think, what is there to do in Kansas?  Well, there is more to see than you think!

This weekend, I wanted to go somewhere and take a hike, so I decided we should go to Osawatomie, Kansas.  I had checked it out and decided to give it a try.  It was a short 2 1/2 hour drive for us and the weather was beautiful!  

Osawatomie is home to the John Brown Museum which houses the 
Adair cabin.  Florella Adair was a half sister to John Brown, and for a brief period of time, he made his home in the Adair cabin.  Of course we all know that John Brown was a staunch abolitionist and participated in a period of time called Bleeding Kansas.  Kansas was a scary place to live during that time as both sides of the slavery issue were fighting to claim Kansas.

Here’s a peek inside the cabin.

Florella’s husband, Samuel Adair was a minister and the church that he started is still standing.  I just love old buildings like this!

We then headed to the Flint Hills trail.

The Flint Hills trail runs 117 miles across Kansas and mile zero is in Osawatomie.  We thought it would be more of a hiking trail, but it really seems more like a biking trial.  The weather was lovely and we hiked it for about 3 miles.

Such a beautiful day!

All in all we had a great day!

Talk to you soon,


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