Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Jewelry Loves and a Great Maxi Dress!

 Hi there!

This week I thought I would show some of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I wear all the time and just love!  I also have a maxi dress that I have been wearing on repeat this fall that I thought I would show you.  Just consider me your personal shopper, ha!

You may recognize this circle pendant that I am wearing from my post last week about pink blazer love.  If you missed that post, you can find it here.  I have had this for a year or so and I wear it so much that one friend asked me if there was a special meaning behind it.  No, I just love it!  I went browsing through the Nordstrom website and found this updated version and am tempted to buy it for myself.

 To go with the circle pendant, I recently found these great circle pendant earrings.  I love how different they are with the straight  bar that acts as the post.  Those can be found here.  I am also wearing a maxi dress that I bought this fall and have worn it quite a bit because it looks great with a denim jacket when it is cool out but is lightweight so you can wear it in the warmer weather also.  I found it at a place called Soft Surroundings and you can find the dress here

Another thing I wear also is my Leopard earrings!  They go with everything and leopard is so on trend this year.  They are also leather, so they aren't so heavy that they make you feel like your ears are going to rip.  Sadly the necklace I am wearing is sold out, but I found one that you may like just as well here.

I also wear my gold earrings that are from the same company as my Leopard ones.  They are also made of leather and they go with everything too!  You may also recognize the circle necklace that I had in my blazer post last week.  The links for the leather earring are here for the leopard and here for the gold.  The circle necklace can be found here.  I forgot to mention that the leather earrings come in 3 different sizes and I wear the medium one.

I hope you have a great week and I will be back next Tuesday! 

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