Thursday, February 27, 2014


 According to Webster's dictionary, serendipity is: luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for.  The kind of luck that only comes from above.  That is how two crazy quilter's, one from Kansas and another from Washington state came to write a book together.  A very happy accident, that really was no accident in the whole scheme of things.

In November of 2011, these two crazy quilter's happened to sit together at a lecture given by Carole Samples.  Both were moved, almost to tears by this lecture.  At that moment we realized that as different as we both were, we had so much in common.  We both had a deep love for crazy quilting, historical quilts and a special place in our hearts for Carole Samples and her work.  I couldn't sleep that night thinking about Carole's lecture!

The very next morning we vowed to write a book together.  Our journey was filled with the joy of creating beautiful things together.  It is our hope that you will feel the joy radiate off the pages of our book.  Then maybe you can take a little bit of that joy to create your own beautiful things.

Oh, and it is due for release May 2014, so excited!

For Allie's take on our book announcement, you may visit her here:

Talk to you later,

Allie and Val


  1. Congrats, Val and Allie! It couldn’t have happened to two more lovely people! I remember that lecture so well; it is burned in my memory and heart. Truly, I am not surprised that it moved you both to write a book together. Big hugs to you, Cathy

  2. YAY!!!! SO excited flor you and ALLIE!!!! WELL DONE!!!! Hugs to you!!!! wahoo!!!!