Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An Unexpected Trip!

Fair warning!  This post is not about crazy quilting but I just had to share what I did this weekend.  The crazy quilt project I am working on is still not fit for public viewing but I hope it will be soon!
For many years, my friend Dixie has wanted to go to Atchison, Kansas for a special Holiday Open House.  For 2 special days every year, Mary Carol Garrity opens her home for tours after she has decorated for Christmas.  Mary Carol owns a very beautiful decorator shop in Atchinson and is very gifted!  We have never been able to go before because I always had the Victorian Stitchery Retreat on the same weekend but because I didn't host a retreat this year off we went! 
This is a picture of her front door....so simple yet so elegant.
Here is a beautiful decoration she had on one of her concrete posts going up the steps to the front door.  So creative.....

We walked in the front door and here was the first sight, it was just so beautiful.
Every room had beautiful decorations even on the lights.
A beautiful vignette...I would love to reproduce it....so simple and elegant.
I have always loved these kind of shutters...I would love them in my kitchen!
This is over her fireplace, I loved it!
Another beautiful vignette....
Here she went all out when she decorated the ceiling in the kitchen.
One of my favorites, candy used as a bouquet!  I love it and I think I could do something like that at my house except I might eat the candy!
Next post I will show you some sights in Atchison and her beautiful shop.
Talk to you soon,

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