Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Victorian Stitchery Retreat-Purse Contest

 So sorry that I have taken a month to get back with you on the purses that were entered in the contest at the Victorian Stitchery Retreat!  All the entries were just beautiful!  I believe this beauty was done by Elizabeth Rudder( please correcte me if I am wrong, I didn't take notes that night for some reason!).

 This sweet purse was done by Sandy Fox, I so love the pansy fabric she used!

 This was done by Sandy Fox's cousin, Teresa Morris.  The embroidery and color choices are just amazing!
 This purse is a beautiful boho bag that either Elizabeth Rudder or Lonna Hammond made...would someone let me know!?
 This purse was made by Linda Farris.  It is a real beauty and I just love it.  It is special because she had crazy quilted both sides.  The first side was done in a class she took from me.

The second side was a class she took from Carole Samples.  What a beautiful purse Linda!

Judith Baker Montano and Allie Aller graciously said yes to being the judges for the contest.  There was stiff competition as you can see, but they finally decided the winner was Teresa Morris.  It was a very special moment when she described what this purse meant to her.  Her father had passed away and she had lined the inside of the purse with one of her father's shirts using the portion of the shirt with a pocket.  What a special memory for her...congratulations Teresa!

In my last post I didn't know who had made this crazy quilt so a big thank you to Marci for letting me know that this beauty was made by Pam Peugh!

Allie and I have a deadline fast approaching, so it may be a little while before I post again...

Talk to you later,


  1. It would be tough choosing a winner from those beautiful entries! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Pam Peugh strikes again! The unidentified purse (4th picture)was made by Pam.

  3. Oh my! These are all so gorgeous! I couldn't choose a favorite if I had to! Pam