Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Allie's House

Well I am finally back from Allie's house!  I had a wonderful time and she is the best hostess!  The picture above is a pink bouquet of flowers that she put in the bedroom I stayed  in.  Pink is my favorite color, so of course I was thrilled!

Allie set up a work station for me in her studio and as you can see, I am working hard and have already made a mess!  The creative juices were flowing in that room and we really had a great time creating together.

Here is the view from her studio, isn't is great?  This Kansas girl  had just come from 110 degree temperatures which she happens to love but it was in the 70's at Allie's.  I was so cold but it is just beautiful there because all the plants aren't getting burned up by the heat like they are at home.

Allie went out to water her flower's one day and I took the opportunity to practice using my camera.  Aren't these hydrangea's beautiful?

Not sure what these are called, but I love them!

Same with this one....

Hot pink snapdragons.....just lovely.... of my favorites too!

Of course, I had to stalk Allie and take a picture of her watering her beautiful flowers.

More to come of my adventures with Allie....keep checking back!

Talk to you later,

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