Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Supreme Saturday!

Currently the Wichita Art Museum is featuring a traveling collection that I didn't want to miss! It is the Mary Wilson Supremes Collection. Not only did I get to see the collection but it is free on Saturday's! This is a collection of to die for dresses that the Supremes wore when they were performing.

No photo's were allowed but I cruised the internet and found pictures of a few of the dresses that we saw. Pictured above was a dress that was beaded everywhere! The picture truly does not do it justice.

These were really awesome and I loved the beaded belts that were made to look like macrame, so 70's!

This was a beautiful dress that each one of them had, but they were all in a different color for each of the singer's.

Of course I would like the pink pant suit! The green dress in the front, Mary Wilson wore when she was pregnant.

The required jumpsuit with bell bottom's for a totally 70's look.

These black dresses were stunning with all of the beading on the sleeves. I believe it was made by Bob Mackie.

These pants were just stunning also! The entire pant was made with bugle beads that were stitched on in a herringbone pattern to simulate a tweed pant. The jackets were reported missing after one of their concert's but wouldn't they have been something to see!

Loved the boa's that were attached to these dresses! In our exhibit the purple one was in the middle and was made a different color so the lead singer would stand out.

These dresses were absolutely beautiful....

and they wore them to meet the Queen Mother.

As a crazy quilter, I can truly appreciate all the hours of beading that went into these dresses. As a fashion girl, I would love to be able to wear them but I imagine they are very heavy! I am still working on my crazy quilt bedspread but I have also missed embroidering and embellishing things, so I am kind of going back and forth on the projects. I will keep you posted on my progress though.

Talk to you later,


  1. Boy, that was a sight to see in person! Why do you think, or do you know, why they don't allow cameras?

  2. Wow what a treat to see all those wonderful costumes. I especially liked that black beaded dress. Amazing. Keep working on that bedspread girl. It is coming along great. Cheers. LJ

  3. How amazing!
    I grew up when the Supremes were at the top of the charts...and being from Michigan, MoTown was our pride.
    This is just awesome to see...