Thursday, November 18, 2010

Victorian Stitchery Retreat Contest Winners!

For the retreat, I had a contest. The only rules were that it be a six inch square and of course it had to be crazy quilted! The picture above is of Karen Guthrie who won first place. Her little mini crazy quilt square was just to die for! Congratulations Karen!

Here is a close up, it is just too cute and she started and finished it just a few days before the retreat.

Avis Nelson won second place with a crazy quilt teacup. I have to say I was grinning a little on this one because Avis took this as a class from me! Just so you know, I wasn't the judge for the contest! Congratulations Avis!

Here is Nark Royer with her little crazy quilt doll that doubled as a pin. She won third prize and look at that big grin! Congratulations Nark!

I'll post more pictures of the retreat as I have time, so keep checking back. It really was a week to remember.
Talk to you later,

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