Friday, July 23, 2010

Answer a few Questions!

I have had a few questions about Miss Carole's new book, so I'll try to answer them. It is not the same book that is included in the Dream-A-Seam Templates. The first half of the book teaches her method of piecing a crazy quilt fan. It really is a wonderful way to piece a fan that can easily be done by hand or machine. The last half of the book gives instructions and stitch ideas to create the "needlework" lace that surrounds the top half of the fan. I hope that answers any questions you might have. The picture above is one of the two fans I stitched to practice before I taught this class in Maine.

Be sure and check in tomorrow for I am going to participate in Pink Saturday. Imagine that!

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  1. Thank you so much, Miss Val, for getting the word out to your bloggers! I've written a response email to send to anyone who has questions about the book's details. Forgot to say, it's organized into four Parts, all of which will make perfect sense when anyone sees it. I put into it everything I learned since I started teaching the class in 1996 at the AQS conference in Paducah. (I still believe the FANS pattern would be a wonderful choice for a sane guild's Fund-raiser Quilt.) +++ Your block is too beautiful for words, Miss Val! OhmyGoodness. Make more! Make a BIG quilt!! Then give it me for my 70th birthday in 2012!!! (I can dream, can't I?) +++ Love to all the best people I know on earth. . . (miss carole, trying to remain cool as a frozen peach yogurt; ooooh)