Sunday, April 13, 2008

2008 MCC Crazy Quilt was a success!

Well, yesterday they auctioned off our crazy quilt at the MCC sale! All seven of us attended the event and there were many pictures taken of us with the quilt. I watched people stopping to look at the quilt and it was interesting. One group of ladies must have stood there 30 minutes or more looking at it. They then pulled back the plastic that was protecting it and began touching it and it looked like they were trying to find out how we tied it! maternal instincts kicked in as you all know, I felt like the quilt was our group's little baby. I approached the ladies and told them I helped make the quilt but they still proceeded to touch and analyze. Oh well. Our quilt went for $1,350 and that made us feel really good. What made us feel even better is who the new owner of the quilt is. It is our own Miss Pat who is one of the 7 that helped make the quilt. You should have seen the grin on her face when she knew she won the quilt! We know that it is going to go to a good home where it will be loved and appreciated. We also decided that she can't come to the Victorian Stitchery Retreat unless she brings it along! Ha! Since there are 7 us, we also decided that we need to do this 6 more years so each of us can end up with a crazy quilt. We of course would have to be polite and not bid against each other! All in all it was a wonderful day. The naked block that you see here is the start of our new one for next year. I'll keep you posted again like I did last year on the progress of this quilt.

See you later,


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  1. Congrats! What a wonderful thing, one of your own partners winning the quilt! Now you can always enjoy it.