Friday, April 20, 2007

MCC Sale Crazy Quilt Cross

About 4 years ago, me and another friend of mine made a crazy quilt cross wallhanging and donated it to the MCC Relief Sale that occurrs yearly in Hutchinson, KS. That wallhanging went for $750.00 dollars and we were very pleased. This year we donated two wallhangings, the crazy quilt cross and a crazy quilt patriotic star. The weather was bad for the sale this year and things didn't sell as well but we were still pleased that the cross wallhanging went for $300.00 and the patriotic star went for $150.00. For those of you that don't know what MCC does, they are usually the first ones to respond and help when a natural disaster occurrs. You can google the MCC sale in Kansas to get more information. Maybe in the next few days I will try to post a picture of the crazy quilt patriotic star. Both of these patterns I designed myself and after making two of the cross wallhangings I still don't own one myself.

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