Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Victorian Stitchery Retreat 2012

I am finally getting around to posting pictures from the Victorian Stitchery Retreat.  We had so much fun this year and as always we enjoyed the new hotel we stay at!  I even managed to work in some classes.  I just love taking from all of the teachers but this year I took a Cockade class from Candace Kling.

Here is Judith Baker Montano helping her students with their blocks.  Every one of the blocks in the Asti Postcard class were just stunning!  I was so inspired I bought a kit from her....we'll see how long it takes me to work on it. ;-)

Here is Dixie getting some help with Candace...

I just love it when Dr. Vicki and her mom can come! 

Here is Liz at Show and Share, these are the Cockades that she made in Candace's class.  I just love them!

Here is Marci with her Show and Share....I just LOVE her colors!

Dixie did an amazing job with her Home Portrait project.  I was a class she took from Allie Aller last year.

Here is a stunning project that I saw laying on a table after Show and Share....I think it is one of the Kansas City ladies...if someone reading this knows, could you let me know?  I just love the colors and the whole piece is stunning!

In my next post I will show you the purses that were entered in the Crazy Quilt Purse contest!

Also, I had many students and some teachers give me feedback about the status of the Victorian Stitchery Retreat..I'll keep you posted...maybe I'll do it again! 

Talk to you later,