Monday, January 7, 2019

New Year, New Project!

For many years I have had this cute little sewing kit that I could take everywhere with me.  My needles and scissors fit in there perfectly!  As you can see in the pictures below, my sewing kit is a little worn out looking.  I need to make a new one!  Because I need to make a new one, I thought I would share the pattern with my Joyful Embellishments group on FaceBoook and we could make one together!

Here is a picture of the sewing kit closed.  It is missing the little ribbon that closes it and some of the stitches are coming out, so time for a new one!

Here is a picture of the sewing kit open.  Plenty of room for scissors and needles!  You can also put pins in the top part of the case.  I think this time, I will put a piece of wool there to put the pins in.

I pieced a new one with all cotton pink fabrics just to change it up!

Here is what the pattern looks like.  It is really is very easy!  If you would like to join my  FaceBook Group,I will be  posting a pdf of the pattern there for you!

Have a great day and I'll be back tomorrow with my regular Tuesday fashion post!

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