Monday, August 20, 2012

The End of an Era

I have been hosting the Victorian Stitchery Retreat for the past 7 years and time has certainly flown!  For the first two years it was a very small event, just 20 people and Carole Samples came and taught.  We met in a room in my church and those attending were mostly my students that lived here locally.  Carole then encouraged me to do something a little bigger!

The third and fourth year,  Carole came back and we added Judith Baker Montano and Betty Pillsbury to the mix!  For some reason I couldn't find pictures of the 5th year...they are here somewhere!  I know in the 5th year that we added Candace Kling and J. Marsha Michler.

This is a picture of the 6th year when we added Allie Aller to the mix and moved to a new location that we all loved!

During all of those years we had ALOT of fun!

As everyone knows, things never stay the same, they are always changing and evolving.  We would be bored if they didn't!  I have been offered some opportunities that I am very excited about but with the new opportunities other things will be changing.  It is with much thought over the past three months that I have decided to make this the last Victorian Stitchery Retreat.  Am I sad, yes I am, but I am also excited about what the future holds!

If you haven't ever attended, I would encourage you to come this year!  We always have a great time...

Talk to you later,

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