Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Rebus is Solved!

Many of you who read my blog know that last year our MCC crazy quilt had a Valentine theme. Last year Chris embroidered the answer to my rebus challenge on our MCC crazy quilt! She didn't realize that it was called a rebus, but as you can see the answer to the rebus is "Sweet Heart". The red and white candy was the sweet and of course the charm was the heart. Oh, and Chris did win the challenge after she thought about it! One hundred years from now(if my quilt lasts that long!) someone will wonder, "Why did she embroider that on there and what does it mean?"

Here is what I did yesterday....When Candace Kling came last November, it really changed my life! I just love making Fabric Flowers now! I wear one all the time(when I dress up, not to the gym...Ha!) and get compliments on them. A friend of mine loves making them so much that she sells them and is doing very well!

This one is my all time favorite to wear, it goes with a lot of my clothes!

I made this one out of a silk velvet fat quarter from Hanah silk and wore it today! I noticed in my new Instyle magazine that the hot pink and coral colors of this corsage are really in this year!

This one didn't photograph so well(still learning!), but the white flower is made out of Robert Talbot silk tie scraps. The fabric is stunning as it is a very heavy silk brocade that is to die for! I think I will use what is left of the tie fabric to make one in the opposite, with a white ruffle and a black flower...after all a girl cannot have enough fabric flowers!

Talk to you later,

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  1. Those are adorable...I'd love to learn to make them!