Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

Today is just a beautiful spring day here and the perfect day to feature the next teacher that will be coming to the Victorian Stitchery Retreat. Candace Kling came last year and she is returning! She is a fabulous teacher and is just loaded with wonderful information. She also brings with her the most wonderful collection of flowers she has made.

This year she will be teaching Fabric Flowers, Fabric Flowers 2(pictured above),

Ribbon and Fabric Cabochons(pictured above) and Ribbon Buds(pictured below).

Some of you have commented that you would like info on the retreat. We send out invitations, so we'll need your snail mail and we'll be happy to send you more info!

Talk to you later,


  1. Do you still have our address from previous or do we need to resend it? It is a beautiful spring day!

  2. Oh my. I think this retreat is going to be marvelous! What gorgeous flowers. I just got Allie's book and have been having fun dreaming and planning. It is wonderful to be a crazy woman.

  3. Hi Valerie,
    Please put me on the list for the Victorian Stitchery Retreat. So excited to see that Allie Aller is coming! Did you see my article in Barbara Warner

  4. Please send me info on the retreat.
    Kim Smith
    1658 Sabatini Dr
    Henderson NV 89052