Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to blogging again!

I didn't mean to but it seems I took an unintentional vacation from blogging. It was certainly not on purpose, it just happened. Part of the problem maybe the picture above, ha! We built a swimming pool 3 years ago, and always, the swimming pool battles for my attention and wins out many times! I found this picture on my camera, so some stinker in my family took this. I notice I am also talking on the phone and I am pretty sure it was Miss Carole I was talking to!

We went to my nephew's wedding in early June, and I found out that my youngest boy is a party animal! They had a dance that night and he danced the entire time. He kept coming to my table and saying,"Mommy come on, let me show you my moves!". As you can see, he found the flower girl to dance with. He still talks about her and says she is his girlfriend. Such cute memories! I will confess, I danced with him to Village People's YMCA song!

I have had some comment's asking if there are opening's in this fall's Victorian Stitchery Retreat. Yes, there are openings! The teacher's for this year are Judith Baker Montano, J. Marsha Michler, Candace Kling and Carole Samples. If you would like more information on the retreat, you may leave me a comment and I will get it to you. The dates for this year's retreat are November 8-13. I have also formed a group on Facebook, Victorian Stitchery Retreat(of course!), if you want to check for updated information.

I have been playing with the new Dancing Needle I bought and these two flowers are the result of my first two attempts. The ribbon flower in the top picture was done with varigated Mokuba ribbon and the ribbon used in the bottom flower was done with Hanah silk bias ribbon. It was a lot of fun!

I will try to post a couple of time's a week now that I am back at blogging, so keep checking back. You never know what I may talk about!


  1. Hi Val, would you send me the information on your retreat, please?!? Thanks! Cathy PS - it should be illegal to look so good in a swimsuit at our age, LOL! ;-)

  2. I would love the information on the retreat as well. I've come "late" to CQing, but would love to improve.